Health and social services reform

The objective of Finland's health and social services reform is to ensure that everyone in Finland has equal access to high-quality health and social services.

The reform will develop healthcare and social welfare services and reorganise their structure.

Stronger basic-level services

Basic public services and preventive work will be strengthened. The aim is to ensure that people have smooth access to health and social services and receive help for their individual needs. 

Effective health and social services in the new counties

At present, the responsibility for organising health and social services in Finland rests with 310 municipalities.

The resources that municipalities have for organising these services vary considerably. The objective of providing people with equal access to services is not currently realised. Both differences between population groups and regional differences have increased, which is reflected as inequalities in health and wellbeing.

For this reason, the health and social services reform will transfer the responsibility for organising services to 22 health and social services counties.