The health and social services reform will concern multiple different segments, which will be prepared simultaneously in various ministries. The preparation of the reform was initiated in autumn 2019. The reform will require a great deal of research and the mapping out of the current situation.

Separate studies carried out in autumn 2019

Special arrangements for health and social services in the Region of  Uusimaa

  • Over one and a half million people live in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the surrounding Region of Uusimaa. This accounts for one fifth of Finland’s residents. For this reason, the administrative structure of Uusimaa was examined separately from other regions.

Role of local authorities as service providers

  • The reform will see the responsibility for organising health and social services shift from municipalities to counties. However, municipalities have extensive autonomy and the right to collect taxes, which is why they also have the right to provide services with their own funding.

Organisation of environmental health services

  • The arrangements for the provision of environmental health services vary in different parts of Finland. At the moment, environmental health services are organised in 62 units. The most common models are the host municipality model or joint municipal authority. Finland’s largest cities organise environmental health services themselves.

During 2020, the state will offer financial support in the form of discretionary government grants for the regional preparation of health and social services.

  • Future Health and Social Services Centres programme
  • Restructuring of health and social services

In early 2020, regional discussions were held with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services Krista Kiuru has travelled around Finland to discuss the health and social services reform.

The counties' right to collect taxes and the dismantling of multisource financing will be examined by the end of 2020. These studies will be carried out in a parliamentary process, meaning that all of Finland’s parliamentary parties will be involved in the work.

The drafting of legislation was launched in autumn 2019.

Its preparation is being led by the Ministerial Working Group on Health and Social Services. The steering group for reorganising health and social services, which consists of government officials, will coordinate and lead the work carried out by its four sub-committees.


Director General Kari Hakari, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, tel. +358 295 163 642